Side dishes

Karaage :

Karaage is primarily a japanese frying technique in which the ingredients (beef or fish) are rolled in a mixture of rice flour and potato starch before being fried in oil. The ingredients are always cut into small pieces and marinated in soy sauce, garlic and ginger.
All karaages served at Le French Riz contain chicken, are gluten free and homemade.


Korokke are potato croquettes which recipe originally comes from Holland. They were exported to Japan, where they took the name korokke, a phonetic transcription of the Dutch pronunciation of « kroket ».
Korokke are generally made out of mashed potatoes and cooked onions. Beef, carrots, even shrimp or crab can be added. Once kneaded, they are soaked in potato starch diluted in water. Then, they are rolled in breadcrumbs before being fried.

Le French Riz offers two kinds of korokke: vegan croquettes (potato, carrot, onion and ginger), and beef croquettes. Both varieties are gluten-free and homemade.