Mochi :

Mochi are part of the big wagashi family (traditional Japanese pastries). They are generally eaten on special occasions, especially during the New Year holidays. They are made following a ceremonial called mochitsuki, although they can be eaten throughout the year.

Mochi are made out of kneaded sticky rice. They come in the form of small viscous balls and are traditionally filled with red bean paste (also called anko). However, the possibilities of garnishes are endless: peanut butter, mango, macha green tea, etc..

At Le French Riz, mochi are available with anko, macha, peanut butter, sesame and mango.

Dorayaki :

Dorayaki are japanese pastries made out of two pancakes wrapped around a topping. In the japanese tradition, dorayaki are filled with anko (sweet red bean paste), but also with chestnut cream.

At Le French Riz, dorayaki are offered with anko, pineapple jam or chestnut cream, and are homemade.